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Wuhu Conch Co. Ltd.
2018-05-22 15:53   Anhuinews   Anthony

Wuhu Conch Profile and Science Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a new chemical and building materials enterprise invested and controlled by shares by Anhui Conch Group. It is the first listed company in China engaged in plastic profiles as its principal business. The Company has established factories in Ningbo (Zhejiang Province), Tangshan (Hebei Province), Yingde (Guangdong Province), etc. The Company has imported complete set of world up-to-date equipment from Germany and Austria and the whole production process has been automated. At present, the Company’s production capacity has reached 500,000 tons, ranking among the front row in the world.

The Company is engaged in production, sales, and R & D of its leading CONCH profiles include high and medium grade profiles, plates, doors and windows, hardware products, etc. It is a key hi-tech enterprise certified by the State Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, the Company has 805 sets of different molds, the products include nine series of plastic door and window profiles of 50, 60, 65, 73, 77, 80, 85, 88 and 95 series, high grade profile, color coated profile, double-color and full color wood patterned co-extrusion profile. It is one of the enterprises which produce most varieties of products in this sector in the world.

CONCH Profile can produce various doors and windows with extraordinary shapes, including fixed, inward or outward leveled opening, pushing and pulling, side suspension, shutter, upward lifting, roller blinds, etc. as well as various partitions. They are applicable to various building styles and can satisfy the consumers’ different requirements of plastic and steel windows and doors. Specially the profile section developed by CONCH Profile is integrated with high technology and unique style, it gives not only good-looking and taste, but also ensures the internal quality of water and air tightness, representing the development trend of China’s plastic doors and windows. The products have been honored as “China’s classic representative of plastic doors and windows in European style” and have molded No. 1 brand in the plastic profile industry in China. CONCH Profile regards quality as the life of the enterprise. It invested about RMB 50 million and imported up-to-date testing equipment from Germany and the United States. The Company took lead in successful certification of EEC product quality, ISO9002, ISO14001 Environmental System and the Green Building Material Products.

Diversified product structure, personalized product design and strict quality assurance system have made CONCH Profile enjoy good reputation among the customers. The Company has established nationwide market sales network except Tibet, and has set up sales companies and clearing centers in such large and medium cities as Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Wuhan as well as coastal open-up cities, its products are sold well throughout the country and exported to UK, Singapore, Russia, Kazakstan, etc.

In order to further reinforce the superiority of market position, widen the development space, by 2005, CONCH Profile plans to realize a production capacity of 300,000 tons in the headquarters of Wuhu, 40,000 tons in Ningbo (Zhejiang), 80,000 tons in Tangshan (Hebei), 80,000 tons in Yingde (Guangdong). The Company shall realize production and sales of plastic profiles by 500,000 tons, sales income by RMB 5 billion for the purpose of consolidating its leading position in plastic profile sector in China.

All staff and the management of CONCH Profile shall insist on the Company’s business philosophy of “creating the future life space for human being” and the principle of “Union, Innovation, Work Respect, Dedication” and make every effort to building the Company into a listed company with excellent performance and powerful international competitiveness with firm determination and confidence for success, and make contribution to improvement of human’s residence environment.

CONCH Profile has imported a complete profile door and window assembling line from Urban of Germany, with annual production capacity of 100,000 sets of doors and windows. The Company is also the biggest door and window assembling process training base in China and trains a great number of assembling technicians from different places of the country every year. CONCH Profile is practicing its commitment of “Making Top Quality Doors and Windows, Establishing CONCH Identity” with its sophisticated equipment, quality services and personalized product styles.



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